We would like to introduce you to the next generation of concrete!

A few reasons why you should order ready-mix concrete from OUR metered trucks:

  • Save Money & Reduce Project Costs

  • Volumetric Concrete Mixers

  • On-Time Service

  • Small or Large Pours Available

  • Option to make multiple slump changes

  • Control & Mix Design

  • Quality Product

  • Trained Drivers

  • Cemen Tech Support

Remove the guess work in project estimating.

Even the most accurate estimator can make a math error. Our trucks are designed to separately hold materials necessary to produce concrete and to volumetrically mix the materials on site as needed. 

We are locally owned and operated. We are available by request for weekends and 24-hr service. 

Each truck can be dispatched with up to  10 cubic yards. You can order one or more tucks depending on your needs. 

Stop, Wait, or Cancel decisions without concrete loss. 

Ability to change the mix design instantaneously. 3000 psi to 5000 psi. 

No "hot" loads and loss of strength that results from over-hydration in typical barrel trucks. 

Our fleet of drivers have poured more than 100,000 yards of concrete since 2004.

Our mixers have been developed and continuously supported by Cemen Tech; a trusted company in the marketplace with more than 40 years experience with the mix on site manfacturing.